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Business Automation

We love nothing more than assisting our clients in identifying repetitive and labour-intensive tasks and developing an automated solution. From automating your deliveries to HR’s payroll system, we can find solutions for your business that save money, while also leaving your team more time to do more rewarding and productive work.

IT Business Strategy

We don’t just develop new products or services, we take a step back and use a process of research and strategy to ensure we are providing value and making a genuine difference. To do this, we need to look at your entire IT business strategy. We look at what you have in place or planned, broken links and ways we can make areas more efficient and agile. 

Custom-built Software

Combining our development expertise and strategic outlook, we have assisted many clients in developing custom-built software. We’ve created custom platforms for clients who want to streamline their stocktaking processes. We’ve assisted clients who want to automate their marketing processes and improve their customer experience. You name it, we can do it.

Our work



See how we created a cross-platform experience for LT2 to manage their memberships, facilitate operations and better engage with their internal and external community.


  • Mobile app
  • Billing engine
  • Booking system




Our clients say nice things


Analytica’s public image means that quality, timelines and delivery are key to operations and Buckham & Duffy have provided at every step of the way to build and expand our software and manage the growth of our organisation.

Geoff Daly CEO, Analytica Ltd

Buckham & Duffy’s intimate knowledge of the innovation process combined with their start-up, enterprise and government experience delivers engaging, productive and informative workshops. Staff loved their honest approach and how Buckham & Duffy make complex technology accessible and adoptable.

Nimrod Klayman University of Queensland

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