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Science for Business 

We apply the Scientific Method to Business


From ideation to implementation, we use the tried and tested principles of science to innovate to take out some of the guesswork and develop solutions that work. 

We use Design Thinking to understand and formulate solutions to business problems. We develop and test these solutions using Agile Methodology

This allows us to help our clients tackle the complexity of the world with a data-centric approach. We build, test, measure and adapt to reduce guess-work and remain accountable. 

It's this approach that empowers us and our clients to take a portfolio of experiments approach to strategy.



Design Thinking

Each engagement begins with a design thinking workshop where we challenge assumptions, get to the core problem and identify potential avenues for moving forward. We develop a hypothesis, test it and adapt as necessary. Operating with these foundational principles has helped us develop high ROI technical solutions for organisations across a number of industry verticals. 


We prototype and test solutions with a process called Agile Methodology

Agile Methodology

How we make stuff 

We use Agile Methodology develop the potential identified solutions. By breaking down development into short sprints, we get feedback quickly, allowing us to constantly course-correct. This gets us where we want to get to - faster. 

With Agile: 

  • You get results in weeks, not months. 
  • All code is diligently peer-reviewed.
  • Collaboration is embraced.
  • Functionality is demonstrated regularly 

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Portfolio of experiments approach to strategy

The world is a complex place. Trying to come up with an infallible strategy is impossible given the increasing dynamism of today's world. We believe in taking a data-driven portfolio approach to strategy to not only limit risk, but to enable our clients to discover and capitalise on high ROI opportuntities.

 We have 3 categories for solution development, each of them have different risk profiles. 



Low risk, low reward

The most basic level of engagement. We ensure our clients are following best practices .


Process Automation

Medium Risk, Medium Rewards

While not consisting of groundbreaking developments, process automation can generate serious returns for



High Risk, High Reward

This is our personal favourite. We work closely with clients to develop potentially industry altering solutions. 


We believe in testing a variety of strategies with different risk profiles, measuring the results and adapting accordingly. Our iterative processes outlined above not only ensure that we stay on track, but provide the critical data to base further strategic planning on.  

The B&D Model

Here's how we're different. 



Stuff we like 

We use the latest in tech to bridge the digital divide.





Are you prepared for the 4th Industrial revolution? What about blockchain, AI, and IoT? We can help you develop comprehensive digital business strategy and technical solution that will remain relevant into the future. 


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Process Automation

The automation revolution is coming and we are the foot-soldiers. We identify inefficiencies and develop solutions to streamline processes, helping our clients not only remain competitive but be pioneers in their industries. 




Business Intelligence

What gets measured gets managed. We can help you quantify aspects of your business so that you can make more informed decisions. We love making gorgeous dashboards as well. 




Artificial Intelligence

Technology can now accelerate decision-making like never before. We can take the data generated in your business and have self-learning algorithms make some of the more routine decisions so you don't have to. 


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Solution Design

Our approach is holistic. We don't treat the symptoms of problems, we get to the root cause. This approach can help you see your business in a new light and uncover hidden opportunities within. 




Internet of Things

We develop hardware and software solutions to increase connectivity and data availability in your enterprise to substantially increase operating efficiency and drive revenue. 



Queensland Government

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What our clients say about B&D


Buckham and Duffy took the time to fully understand our people, our services, and importantly how we operate as a business to ensure any approach we took towards digital transformation was focused on more than just applications and technologies.

 After presenting us with potential initiatives and expected outcomes, in ways that were easily understood by our internal stakeholders, they then ensured we could develop an achievable course of action that actively balanced our desired returns, with known risks and constraints.  

 Most importantly they prioritised and validated our desired productivity gains and operational savings, as well as pointing out future opportunities for RFDS (Queensland Section) to further integrate technology into the aeromedical environment.

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