We have a proven recipe for how we work. It comes down to four key ingredients: research, plan, develop and deliver. And the secret spices? Communication and testing every step of the way.

Determined to remove the stigma around automation, innovation and developing new products and services, we work hard to find the right solution for our clients to save money and time, improve efficiencies and the customer experience, make life easier for everyone, exceed expectations and be a point of difference in the market. This is achieved through adopting a user-first, rapid and ROI-driven approach.



The first step involves our team meeting with you and asking pertinent questions to work out the best way to assist. The team will brainstorm all possible ways automation and digital can be effective to meet your brief and needs. These workshops provide a thorough understanding of your business, outside influences, challenges, competitors, customer base and possible areas for improvement via digital assistance. We also spend a great deal of time looking at the user experience and ensure the end user is always front of mind.



Once we have a thorough understanding of your requirements and the challenges you face, we put together a detailed strategy. By researching and planning, we ensure clients get exactly what they need and what will be effective. It’s a vital step that ensures we can match our digital capabilities with your requirements, for today and in the future. Once the strategy is signed off, we begin the development phase.



We begin developing based on an agile working style. This is an effective and inclusive way of working, which has check points every two weeks. We like to call these our sprints, which mean our developers build your functions and deploy them at the end of each two-week phase for you to review and test. Prior to starting, we outline the schedule of works, broken up into two-week sprints, and present you with a copy of the timeframe. This way everyone knows what to expect during the process and is kept informed. It also ensures any possible gremlins are identified and fixed early on, thanks to constant testing.



Testing and communication are two vital components of this process and you are involved in every step. This process ensures we deliver products on time, if not earlier, and meet any set targets or KPIs. In fact, it often means Buckham & Duffy exceeds original targets by producing a product or solution that goes above and beyond client expectations.

Clients often tell us that they love the way we work and they feel excited and inspired about their projects after meeting with us.