The Brief

Create a cross platform experience to manage memberships, facilitate operations and engage the community.

Little Tokyo Two (LT2) is the leading Co-working space in Brisbane with 4 sites, 500+ members and the growth isn't slowing down. Managing multiple membership levels from hot-swap desk memberships through to permanent office leases is a manual process nightmare. One of the core values of LT2 is to engage the community and provide opportunities, connections, mentorship and interaction.

Project Image

What we did?

Billing Engine: Previously, billing/invoicing was split between three separate systems making it an operational nightmare to; manage invoices, report of sales and project revenue. We built a custom billing engine from the ground up, migrated existing subscriptions through an onboarding process which allows members to enter the billing details to be stored with our PCI compliant payment provider. Members also benefit from the change as they can enter the membership portal, view previous invoices on-demand, update their payment details and much more - previously all of this was a manual process involving countless emails.

Mobile App: Accessibility is everything and LT2 members need to be able to conenct with the community, book rooms and book mentors on the go. Thus, at the center of this development is an extensive mobile app on both Android and iOS that allows users to browse other LT2 members, book mentors in different spaces, book meeting rooms or event spaces, view upcoming events and much, much more.