From a spark of an idea to driving innovation in your sector, we enjoy working with our clients every step of the way. Just like the emerging technologies we immerse ourselves in, our services and capabilities are extensive. Our core services can be broken into three parts: business process automation, IT business strategy and custom-built software.


Business process automation 

We have a successful track record in working with clients to identify and build easy-to-use products and services to remove arduous and time-consuming tasks, automate processes, drive efficiency and build revenue. We love nothing more than assisting our clients in identifying repetitive and labour-intensive tasks and developing an automated solution.From automating your deliveries to HR’s payroll system, we can find solutions for your business that save money, while also leaving your team more time to do more rewarding and productive work. Our first step is to review your business operations, then identify areas that could be improved through automation and digital processes. Once we’ve identified the gaps, we tailor make a program or product that suits your needs. To view a few of our examples check out our portfolio of work, or give us a call to discuss.

IT business strategy

One of our points of difference is our unique approach to finding solutions for our clients. We don’t just develop new products or services, we take a step back and use a process of research and strategy to ensure we are providing value and making a genuine difference. To do this, we need to look at your entire IT business strategy. We look at what you currently have in place or planned, broken links and ways we can make areas more efficient and agile. Some call it an audit. We call it common sense. There is no point in us providing new products and services if they don’t work in with your existing infrastructure or no-one internally can manage or use it.We take a holistic approach and analyse everything. This process includes us asking and reviewing the following:

  • What processes can be done better?
  • Will this require training and change management?
  • What software will integrate with your existing IT strategy?
  • How will this impact the rest of the organisation?
  • How is your data stored? How is your data utilised? How can we make this better for you?
  • What systems are required to help you reach your final goal?
  • What project planning will be required?

Once this service has been provided, then we look at areas we can provide custom-built software.

Custom-built software

We are constantly discovering new technologies in the Enterprise and SME fields. We are focused on improving user experience through automation and enterprise-grade software and hardware. Combining our development expertise and strategic outlook, we have assisted many clients in developing custom-built software.

We’ve created custom platforms for clients who want to streamline their stocktaking processes. We’ve assisted clients who want to automate their marketing processes and improve their customer experience. We’ve created-class solutions to better process orders and delivery. You name it, we can do it.

Our services and capabilities allow us to custom-make a platform or software that will fit your business. We don’t work on a one-approach-fits-all basis. We create whatever you need to better manage your sales, marketing and customer relationships.

If there is a need to make a process more efficient, more reliable and remove room for error, we can custom-make a solution.