Design Thinking: The Scientific Method Applied to Business

TL;DR: Design Thinking and the Scientific Method are two names for the same process: an iterative approach to developing a better under...
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Artificial Intelligence and the Cognification of Everything

While there are a variety of technologies that are being heralded for their potential in shaping the future, AI is likely to take the c...
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Bespoke software vs off-the-shelf

Your company needs new software. What do you choose: tailor-made software or an off-the-shelf solution?
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How can we be sure AI will behave? Perhaps by watching it argue with itself - CTOdaily 9/5/18

How can we be sure AI will behave? Perhaps by watching it argue with itself - MIT Tech Review
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How do you know what you can automate in your business?

We’re constantly hearing statistics like ‘40% of all jobs will be automated within the next 1-2 decades’ due to developments in robotic...
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Facial Recognition is here

Your face says a lot more about you than you might think. A study from Stanford has shown that one’s sexual orientation can be accurate...
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CIOs the new pioneers of change

In recent years, we have seen the lifecycle of technology move ever-faster while the timeframes we, in the technology industry, are giv...
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Understanding Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Data

This piece is a high-level explanation of the relationship between Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Data.
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Technology readiness levels: A guide to getting it right in your business

We live in a world where different technologies are advancing at varying rates. The most famous example of these growth rates is Moore’...
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4 reasons why your business should be using Chatbots

From automating your pizza order to managing customer feedback, the uses of chatbots are far more than the novelty applications they ar...
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The best of #CTOdaily – 25-29 Sept 2017

Australia has gotten off of its ARSE to create its own space agency (It’s not really called the ARSE -Australian Research and Space Exp...
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From Uber to a paperclip doomsday: The two types of artificial intelligence you need to know about

Artificial intelligence is being hailed as the next digital frontier - and for good reasons. The ability to think and act based upon th...
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