AFR Spotlights B&D's success in bringing innovation to enterprise

From the Director Alex and I have been building businesses for 8 years now - that's a long time to be stuck together. I'm joking! The last four years of focusing solely on B&D have been hugely rewarding, challenging and constantly educational. In that four years, I myself have travelled to 22 cities around the world and have seen 'technology', 'startups' and 'innovation' in all its awesome forms. On the world stage, Australia has a long way to go - but the amount of activity over the last 12 months to advance our nation's ability to adjust to economic and technological conditions in an agile manner has been overwhelming.

B&D and its clients have given Alex and I an amazing ability to create and deliver high impact innovations to the industry and I can't thank every person from our partners to our clients for helping us along the way. Our employees come to work everyday and love what they do - and we love working with them to deliver what have been the most challenging projects we have ever built.

We are proud to be on the forefront of business and technology as we support our clients and partners in creating new valuable systems, products, services, technologies and adopt the innovation mindset. Over the past few years, B&D has identified the future trends of rapid experimentation, accelerated adoption of emerging technology, the SME/startup and enterprise joint value proposition and of course the human centred approach that makes a successful solution. Our learning never ends and day by day we learn from our clients, partners, startups and the experimentation that we have become accustomed to.

After a lot of media coverage in different publications, we're honoured to be featured in Australia's leading business news publication, the Australian Financial Review. We know our strengths, our limitations and our value. We have proven our service we countless clients - and yes some parts of projects have failed, we've had long nights rewriting code and we've fallen asleep in conferences. When you're pushing the limits, there are risks you have to take. You can only take risks and manage them when your client relationships are strong, transparent and clear. B&D loves being transparent and up front with people, it ensures we both get the most value and the highest quality.

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Thank you to the Australian businesses that have adopted us as a trusted provider to find them high impact, sometimes risky, high quality and cutting edge solutions. We can't wait to continue building innovative technology solutions and to expand our client base as Australia starts to catch up with the speed of technological development the 21st Centry demands.

- Jordan

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