Apple brings AI to your phone - CTOdaily 11/6/18

Apple plans to bring AI to your phone - WIRED 

Apple is bringing AI straight to your smartphone. At Apple's recent World Wide Developer Conference they announced a tool called Create ML (machine learning), which is something "like a set of training wheels for building machine learning models in the first place."

An awesome example of Apple's AI tech in action is the iPad app for basketball coaches called HomeCourt. "Using the app is as easy as pointing an iPad’s camera at action on the court. Then the tricky stuff happens automatically. HomeCourt uses the support for machine learning added to Apple’s mobile operating system last year to analyze the video. The app tracks each time a player shoots, scores, or misses, and logs the shooter’s location on the court. Each event is indexed so a particular play can later be viewed with a single tap."

The prospects of having such complex processing and pattern recognition at our fingertips is tantalizing

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