How do you know what you can automate in your business?

We’re constantly hearing statistics like ‘40% of all jobs will be automated within the next 1-2 decades’ due to developments in robotics and AI. Given some of the incredible technologies that are already available (quasi-self driving cars, backflipping robots, etc.), you can understand how these claims may come to fruition. That being said, it can be hard to reconcile the hype with your own day-to-day business operations.

It’s all well and good knowing that these developments are set to come, but the question is, how do you determine which specific tasks in your life can be automated?

It’s really can quite simple. Ask yourself:

What do you find yourself or your team doing repetitively? 

Any repetitive, mundane task that you do on the computer can most likely be easily automated (and sometimes you don’t even need to build software to do it).

Here are some examples:

Web enquiry workflow:

  1. Web enquiry comes in.
  2. Task is automatically created in project management platform of your choice.
  3. Email is automatically sent to the person designated to deal with the specific enquiry.
  4. Relevant information from the enquiry is already provided in the task in the project management platform and email. 

Some platforms that can help you set up workflows like this include Zapierand IFTT (if this, then that).

Data Entry:

Many businesses still have some processes that rely on people filling out forms with a pen and paper and then transferring that information to a computer. Depending on the context, this can easily be automated or digitised with a simple app. 


For many businesses, sending emails to people all throughout your sales funnel is a regular occurrence. While discretion may be necessary at times, there’s a solid chance that many of these emails could be scheduled ahead of time, or completely automated depending on the context.

 Wrap Up 

While there may be some ways for you to easily automate some of the tasks you do on a daily basis, a tailored software solution may be a necessary next step. Fortunately, this is something we're experts in. Get in touch to find out how we might be able to help you increase your operating efficiency and effectiveness today!

 P.S. Don’t be too fearful of AI taking your job. At least for the moment, the things that AI will be used to automate over the next decade are tasks that people don’t really like doing anyway!


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