Facebook Gameshow Platform - CTOdaily 21/6/18

Facebook launches gameshows platform with interactive video - TechCrunch 
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WhatsApp Payments in India - CTOdaily 21/6/18

A million Indian users are testing out WhatsApp’s payments feature - Quartz Facebook-owned messaging giant WhatsApp is testing a paymen...
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IBM's Debating Bot - CTOdaily 21/6/18

What it’s like to watch an IBM AI successfully debate humans - The Verge
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Apple to help emergency responders find you - CTOdaily 20/6/18

Apple’s next update will help emergency responders find you - MIT Technology Review Apple next update will cause its phone to automatic...
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Humanoid robot built by Stanford - CTOdaily 20/6/18

Video: Stanford's humanoid robot explores an abandoned shipwreck - Stanford
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Supercomputer to map the brain- CTOdaily 20/6/18

Supercomputer Aurora 21 will map the human brain, starting in 2021 - BigThink The human brain is the most complex thing we know of in e...
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EOS has launched - CTOdaily 19/6/18

EOS’s $4 billion crypto-democracy has just launched—and it’s probably going to be ruled by fat cats - MIT Technology Review
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Tips to retain new hires - CTOdaily 19/6/18

To Retain New Hires, Make Sure You Meet with Them in Their First Week - Harvard Business Review
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Facebook's Eye-opening Research - CTOdaily 19/6/18

Facebook’s new AI research is a real eye-opener - Tech Crunch 
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Amazon automating white-collar jobs - CTOdaily 18/6/18

Amazon has already begun automating its white-collar jobs - Qz
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6 Growth Strategies - CTOdaily 18/6/18

The six ways to grow a company - Harvard Business Review
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Encryption isn't magic - CTOdaily 18/6/18

Encrypted messaging isn't magic - WIRED 
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