The best of #CTOdaily – 25-29 Sept 2017

Australia has gotten off of its ARSE to create its own space agency (It’s not really called the ARSE -Australian Research and Space Exploration, though the website that pranksters have made is very convincing).




This is a big step for us - the global space industry is estimated to be worth upwards of $400 billion. The frontier of space has become remarkably more accessible in recent years with the development of reusable rockets. The new agency may help combat the substantial brain drain Australia has suffered from in recent years. A country can’t be innovative if its entrepreneurs and scientists are leaving ‘in droves’. How Australia can play a role in the ‘second space age’ is outlined well in this piece.

On the topic of innovation, check out this piece I wrote on how the role of the CTO is changing in this increasingly dynamic and tech-integrated world. The trend of increasing digitisation of our lives means the role of the CTO encompasses far more than it did in the past. Nearly all aspects of an organisation in the 21st century has digital elements and it’s the role of the CTO to knit them all together.

It’s also important to be aware of tech trends in the relation to the people you employ on the front lines. These are the people interacting with customers on a daily basis - they see the pain points first hand and there’s lots of valuable data and insights to be gleaned from their interactions. It’s one of the main why sales and marketing go hand in hand. According to research from Microsoft, those on the front lines are currently underutilised in Australia, with ‘only 21% of first-line workers currently involved in digital transformation initiatives.’ They could be sources of innovative solutions to problems those higher up may not even be aware of.

The QLD innovation arm is on a mission to make Brisbane and Queensland Australia's startup capital. Last week Advance Qld announced a partnership with Qantas to bring out big-name entrepreneurs from Silicon Valley for the second annual startup festival Myriad, and next month marks the one year anniversary of its Office of the Queensland Chief Entrepreneur Program – the first initiative of its type in Australia.

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Bonus: The TEDx talk I gave on the Internet of Things has reached 100,000 views! Check it out if you want a quick run-down on IoT.




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