If strategy is so important, why do most leaders not make enough time for it? - CTOdaily 25/6/18

If Strategy Is So Important, Why Don’t We Make Time for It? - Harvard Business Review 
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Tips to retain new hires - CTOdaily 19/6/18

To Retain New Hires, Make Sure You Meet with Them in Their First Week - Harvard Business Review
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Coming of Age Digitally - CTOdaily 15/6/18

Coming of Age Digitally - MIT Sloan Management Review and Deloitte
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Agile at scale - ctodaily 11/5/18

Agile at Scale - Harvard Business Review
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CTOdaily 8/5/18 - Learning How to Learn

Learning how to Learn - Coursera 
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CTOdaily 3/5/18 - Research shows a simple way to increase engagement at work

Research Shows a Simple Way to Increase Your Engagement at Work - Harvard Business Review
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CTOdaily 2/5/18 - Business advice from the leaders of the world's most innovative organisations

Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos Just Dropped the Best Business Advice You'll Read Today - Inc
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