If strategy is so important, why do most leaders not make enough time for it? - CTOdaily 25/6/18

If Strategy Is So Important, Why Don’t We Make Time for It? - Harvard Business Review 
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People analytics and organisational change - CTOdaily 22/5/18

How People Analytics Can Help You Change Process, Culture, and Strategy - Harvard Business Review
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AI in the Factory - CTOdaily 10/5/18

AI in the Factory and the Future - BCG
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CTOdaily 8/5/18 - What marketers should know about personality-based marketing

What marketers should know about personality based marketing - Harvard Business Review 
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How do you know what you can automate in your business?

We’re constantly hearing statistics like ‘40% of all jobs will be automated within the next 1-2 decades’ due to developments in robotic...
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Technology readiness levels: A guide to getting it right in your business

We live in a world where different technologies are advancing at varying rates. The most famous example of these growth rates is Moore’...
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4 big things that have changed the role of the CTO

Chief technology officers, not unlike your grandma, have mastered the art of knitting. For the most part their bodies seem calm, their ...
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What the hell is business process automation? A guide for small businesses

A tonne of buzzwords and phrases have taken over the vocabulary of business in recent years from digital disruption (the computers will...
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