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OUR STORY: How Buckham & Duffy solves businesses' problems by using technology
Meet our founders 


ALEX BUCKHAM - Managing Director

Alex is a passionate innovator, creative and product architect with an extensive knowledge in technology, business and policy. Alex is the captain of our globally diverse team of entrepreneurs, developers and creatives. Thanks to his knowledge and proven expertise, Alex drives innovation through his visionary thought leadership and entrepreneurial mindset.

Over the years, Alex has built, deployed and launched a number of highly successful products, which have provided unprecedented revenues, improved internal processes and driven sales for our clients. Alex was the ‘Young Innovator of the Year’ Judge 2014 for AIIA iAwards.


JORDAN DUFFY – Director of Strategy

As a technologist, business leader and strategist, Jordan has dedicated his life to pushing the boundaries in what can be achieved in digital disruption.

From mentoring SMEs through to enterprise clients, Jordan combines his passion and know-how to make meaningful differences for clients. Thanks to his expertise and lobbying for Australia to be seen as a leader in technical innovation, Jordan is regularly called upon to provide his insights by international government bodies.

Our mission is to become the centre point of our client’s innovation ecosystem driving design thinking, thought leadership and technological growth through our innovative operating model.


We are focused on providing individually tailored services to all clients that automate and enhance business processes, drive revenue and increase efficiency.


We strive to think differently, solve complex problems and empower people to make changes that will have an impact across the globe.

Read about Buckham & Duffy's history

Alex Buckham and Jordan Duffy’s business partnership started during the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Both 14 years old and avid musicians, they were invited to play for the Olympic orchestra. It was while travelling around China that they started their first business, importing new emerging technology.

This was the start of a very successful business partnership, and they now have many businesses and inventions under their belt.

After seeing a need in the market to provide effective and affordable solutions for companies wanting to digitally shake up their operations, Alex and Jordan started Buckham & Duffy in 2012.

Alex and Jordan are driven by a shared passion to push the boundaries of technology in the Australian market through experimentation, innovation and, ultimately, creative thinking, to provide real solutions for businesses of all sizes.

Frustrated with how slow and expensive it was to create new products and processes for businesses, Alex and Jordan saw something needed to be done, and fast.

Like true millennials, they refuse to accept the norm and they refuse to be restricted by budgets and the concept of “that’s the way it’s always been done”. If their work isn’t providing a real difference for their clients, then they aren’t happy.

They refuse to provide “off the shelf” products for their clients. This approach of looking at each task with a detailed strategy and agile process is what has set Buckham & Duffy apart and has made us the go-to consulting group for businesses of all sizes

To ensure we have all avenues covered, Alex and Jordan are joined by a strong team of experts from diverse backgrounds and industries. Today, the Buckham & Duffy team assists businesses across Australia in all sectors, start-ups, blue-chip companies, enterprises and all tiers of government.  Alex and Jordan travel extensively to talk to Australia’s hidden talent and immerse themselves in emerging technology. They are at the forefront of new technology and always among the first to try to research new platforms on behalf of their clients.

B&D’s directors are regular keynote speakers at TED, business and government events and are regularly called upon to work with some of Australia’s leading institutions and committees.

They are active board members and advisors on the following committees: Deloitte Future Cities Strategy QLD Committee 2016, Gold Coast Council IoT Advisory Panel, QLD State Govt Construction, Engineering and Mining Innovation Panel, AIIA QLD Council Board, Brisbane City Council Innovate Advisory Panel and the RCC Economic Development Advisory Board.

Both Alex and Jordan have won several Entrepreneur of the Year awards. In 2015, Buckham & Duffy was given the Most Innovative Business Award by the Redland City Chamber of Commerce.